quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2010

Right angle

Matthew Albaneses uses the most variable materials to create scenes and photograph them afterwards choosing the right angle using "methods that force viewers perspective".

*made of cotton, grout and phosphorus ink.

*made of Paprika

*made of steel wool


I'm not a big fan of bird cages with bird in them...
But, Oh! do I love these!!


Creative and magical tree decoration!

Alien being held hostage

This is a picture of my toy story alien keychain. Why? you might ask...
Because, a week ago, my boyfriend was robbed and, among other things, they took my beloved green alien which i had bought at Disneyland, in europe!

So, this one goes to green alien hanging on someone else's key...

Elastic water

Japanese scientists have created “elastic water.” The new material, developed at the Tokyo University, consists in 95 percent of water with an added two grams of clay and organic material. The resulting substance resembles jelly, but is extremely elastic and transparent.
This could, eventually, replace plastic!