domingo, 25 de julho de 2010

More wonders!

Oh! All this wonderland stuff is driving me mad... "have I gone mad?"

"We're all mad here"

(six days to go)

Baby, It's you

I really love this song..


I am a big fan of cottage living!!
I always dream about a house with lots of green around where my golden retriever, Ella, would run all her energy out!

When this dream come true... I hope the inside will look something like this:

I love this coffee table...

Girl baby shower

One of my dearest friend is having a baby girl. She's 7 months pregnant and her baby shower will be in august, unfortunately I won't be here but when I saw this decor I just thought it would be perfect for her!!

quinta-feira, 22 de julho de 2010


Doesn't this look yummy in every single way possible??
I wish we had flowers like this where I live...

(9 days to go)

quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010


Wandering around, searching for inspiration, I stumbled upon the amazing brazilian site called casamenteiras, and found this amazing decoration.

This was made for the owner of the site (Karla, I suppose). She had the help of a good friend and her husband with all the decor details and graphic design.

The result was totally worth the effort!!

More "mad" ideas

Still 10 days to go until my birthday... so here's some more things driving me mad!

*sorry for not putting the credits but I've been gathering images for quite some time and now I have no idea from where I took them.

1920's look

I have a 90th birthday to attend to this friday and the dress code is black tie!!
I was thrilled to hear that since I have an amazing white Vera Wang hanging for years in my closet and this was the perfect event to wear it.
I tried it on and my mom found it a little plain (which I love) so I had the idea to make a 1920's look, with pearls and finger waves.

Here are some ideas I found around the web.

Garden tea Party (

One of my daily reads is the site. They have the most lovely ideas for original, personal and stylish parties.
I was mouth dropped this morning when i saw this gorgeous tea party.

Projector wedding ring

Every girl dream of the day when her prince charming will get on one knee and ask for her hand with a diamond ring. After this you'll be dreaming with something more... creative!

Luke Jarrem created a custom mini projector wedding ring for his one and only.

Inspired by René Dagron's stanhope (1857) it "contains a tiny photographic slide paired with a lens. When illuminated by an equally small light source—Jerram says even a candle will work—the couple will have four adorable images of themselves projected wherever they go."